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Why do I take Pet Portraits?

Over the years, people have asked me why I love to photograph pets. My answer: While I love photographing children and families and capturing the love between them, I find that the true and honest love of our pets has resonated with me the most.

Throughout my childhood I've always had to dogs and cats. I have learned that they are always by your side, always supportive, always happy to see you and just want to be around you all the time. All they usually as for a return are some food and belly rubs. And who can deny giving belly rubs?!

In the time I have been photographing pets and their people, I have seen such beautiful love between them. The unique bond that you create with your pet is so beautiful and I believe it is (unintentionally) under celebrated. We all know the joy we feel when we come home each day to our beloved pets and they're soooo excited to see us, yet when they leave us we are left with only those memories and are no longer greeted enthusiastically at the door.

Let me tell you my story:

Here I was a college girl in her junior year, learning life lessons and working through school. Lonely. Lost. Then I was rescued.

I truly believe your pets find and adopt you. Call it fate, call it meant to be, I believe it!

Kane adopted me August 2009. A shy boy (showing signs of abuse) he quickly taught me about patience, strength and trust. He was THE best thing that has ever happened to me. My Heart Dog as they say. He was my right hand man through college, meeting my soul mate, and buying my first townhome. He depended on me and I on him. We were a dream team!

Fast forward 5 years. No 10 years old, Kane was loving life! Suddenly, he collapses on a walk. Later that evening he was in great pain. We rushed him to the emergency vet. His lungs were filled with fluid. In that moment, I knew I had to say goodbye. It was the only way to take away his pain. I was not prepared (are you ever?).

I tell you this story, not to make both of us cry, but to share the reality we accept when we open our hearts and homes to these beautiful souls.

The Shining Light of this story:

Being a photographer, and him being my muse and inspiration to photography pets, I have thousands of photos of Kane, selfies of us together and cell phone snapshots. Each carries a beautiful memory and moment frozen in time, yet, none could accurately capture how I felt when I was with Kane.

Several months before his sudden leaving, I asked my mentor to take some photos of us up in the mountains. These images are my FAVORITES! He is alight with joy, I am head over paws in love with him and I can see it clearly in these images!


It has taken several years to view these images with a smile instead of tears. I am now able to share, post and put them on my wall to see EVERY TIME I walk into my office. I'm ready to remember the great times, let go of the sad times and enjoy his face, his eyes, his pointy ears and especially his Smile.


Memories. Love. Joy. These are the reasons why I LOVE to photograph our beloved pets. So you can remember the moments, the feelings, and the love they have so generously given.

Thank You <3,

Kelsey Signature 2017.png

In Loving Memory

Kane, such a beautiful soul. Loved, missed, cherished. 


August 25, 2014.