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2015 Puppy Up! Denver Hero Photos - Denver, CO

I had the pleasure of spending my Monday afternoon in North Denver on the South Platte River photographing two amazing heroes.

Kim is a retired veterinary oncologist currently fighting her own battle with cancer. Miss Kadie is a survivor of canine cancer. They are the Heroes that have inspired the 2015 Denver Puppy Up! campaign and fundraiser walk. 

Kim did not stop smiling during the entire session. She has such an inspiring personality and a strength that emanates from her. Kadie loved showing off her high-fives. The two showed up in matching Puppy Up! colors without any coordination (it was meant to be!)

I am honored to have met these two ladies (and Kelly, Kadie's Dog-Mom) who have such strength, determination and still know how to have a good time. Two strangers who can bond in an instant and share their joy in some very cute images. 

These lovely ladies (and many more!) will be at the 2015 Denver Puppy Up! Fundraiser Walk November 7, 2015 8-11am. There will be a walk around the park, fun dog activities and vendors. 

(you can also see details on our event page and our Facebook Events)

These images show the heart of our 2015 Denver Puppy Up! Heroes and that should give us all strength to tackle whatever life throws our way.